MAKE A NEW POST + CIAA  by Trio Trev posted on SEP 17. 2008 at 1:29 PM   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   + It's up to US!  by caliber posted on SEP 26. 2008 at 9:49 AM   I had the pleasure of taking part in the CIAA's annual general meeting yesterday, What a great day, we heard from a series of speakers, Dave Meunier, Bob Greenwood, Murray Voth, Art Wilderman. These guys know the industry and the changes we are facing within it, not only do they know them they are passionate about embracing them. Having these guys on the forefront within an organization such as the CIAA is very exciting. They have the connections, they have the ambition and they truly care about us "shop owners". They are currently lobbying government trying to come to some sort of agreement with the auto makers, be it voluntary or legislation. From what it sounds like they have made some recent positive progress (lobbying government is NOT easy and it takes copious amounts of time and patience) We should all be aware of the right to repair by now, and if you are not you should take some time to see what it is all about. There is no way as individuals the government would listen or react to our issues (have you ever tried to get an appointment with a member of parliament?) it is next to impossible. So what do we have... We have a group of people who saw the need and understood how things needed to change. Out of sheer passion for the independent sector of the automotive industry they formed the CIAA. What can we expect? We can expect that these people whom I have only touched the surface on will stand up for the independents in whatever the issues are, currently it is the right to repair so that’s what they are fighting for. Did I mention that they do this at NO profit, in fact as I understand it there is only ONE person on payroll the rest of them are purely volunteering there time, if you know Dave or Bob their time is very precious. What we need to do as Canadian independent shop owners is ask ourselves who will stand up for our needs? Who can we call if there are issues within the our sector that need attention. We can rely on the Canadian Independent Automotive Association... Bottom line. I will be completely honest with you, when I first joined I often wondered what is in it for me? what can they do for me? the answer I was looking for I found buy attending meetings and contacting Art Wilderman personally whether it was through phone calls or e-mail, and just talking with him about the current issues. It didn't take long before I realized that he was always available to talk and he was constantly following up with any progress. I also realized that the question was not "what can they do for me" The question I needed to ask myself was "what can I do for myself" or rather what can WE do for our sector... The answer is simple. We have before us a group of people (CIAA)as mentioned earlier who are as passionate (if not more passionate) about the independent sector as we are. Myself as an independent shop owner, I had a realization early on in business that we as independent shops are not competitors against one another, rather we are allies. The CIAA has helped me realize this. We owe it to ourselves to support this association by becoming a member and keeping up with current issues, attending meetings and providing our voice in Canada KEEP IN MIND THAT THE CANADIAN INDEPENDANT AUTOMOTIVE ASSOCIATION IS FOR ALL OF CANADA, NOT JUST THE WESTERN PROVINCES. Currently I believe that there are only a hand full (14) members in Ontario. Step up to the plate and support The CIAA... REPLY