Sep/Oct 2007

The leaves are beginning to fall and so are the temperatures, so we thought we better get back to the business of informing our many valuable members with the September/October 2007 CIA Association Newsletter.

Thank you to everyone who as sent us useful information to include in the newsletter.  We are always accepting new articles/announcements to be published in future installments; please contact Trevor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have anything to submit.

Welcome New Board Members
It is with great pleasure that the CIA Association welcomes Bob Greenwood, Mark Hines, and Ed Jagt to our Board of Directors. Each of these men will... [more]

Wake Up and Smell The Imported Coffee
You may have heard the expression, “wake up and smell the coffee,” often used to tell someone: “Hellooooo, pay attention.”  There are facts about our industry that you need… [more]

8 Things to Avoid When Selling Your Business
We once had a client whose secret process was the envy of his customers, and which made him a great deal of money, thus making the business worth a Prince’s ransom. One day over lunch with his largest client, one bottle of wine too many, and he provided a tour of his facilities to his “new found friend”. Within two weeks, that customer had... [more]

EKW August 2007 Management Letter
Building Vehicle Count One Client at a Time

Many shop owners have spent many marketing dollars trying to increase the vehicle volume of their business. A price special promotion is sent into the marketplace with... [more]

EKW September 2007 Management Letter
Prepare Your Business For the Fall Season

The psychological beginning of the Fall Season is upon us. As a shop Owner/Manager it is important to have your mind-set and skill-set go through a check-up to ensure you and your shop team... [more]

NAIT Fall 2007 Courses
To access a listing of some upcoming industry courses please see... [more]

Technician Tips
2004 Toyota Prius

Toyota has prepared an Emergency Response Guide for this vehicle. Refer to this document for more comprehensive information regarding... [more]

Technician Tips
GM Vortec CPI Spider Fuel Assembly Diagnostics
In the case of GM Vortec CPI engines, the fuel pump is sometimes misdiagnosed as the cause of fuel system failure. A low pressure/no start situation is not necessarily caused by… [more]