Nov/Dec 2007

Welcome to the November/December 2007 edition of the CIA Association Newsletter.  Can you believe we are already into November and the Christmas Season is fast approaching?

Board Member News
Congratulations to Jeff Roberts, our Second Vice President and a founding member of the CIA Association. He was appointed as the Presiding Officer for a three year term on... [more] 


Change... It Does a Business Good
Change the things you can, accept the things you can’t and have the wisdom to know the difference. These words have often been repeated by... [more] 


Being Prudent - Preparing For Due Diligence
Is selling or acquiring a business in your plans for the third or fourth quarter of 2007?  Are you prepared for a sale or acquisition?  Here’s why you need to make a resolution now to be ready when... [more]


Teaming Up With Professionals
During the course of selling a business or transferring it to the next generation, a business owner will need to access expertise in many areas.
Your professional team may consist of several groups or individuals including a Business Analyst/Valuator, Real Estate Broker, Bank Manager, Equipment or Real Estate Appraiser... [more] 


EKW October 2007 Management Letter
No Risk.....No Glory     Know Risk.....Know Glory

Many shop owner's today are finding it very difficult to stay "on top" of their business game, that is, the pace of change, and the depth of detail required to look after a successful...[more]


EKW November 2007 Management Letter
Retaining Key Employees Requires Creative Management Thinking

The acute shortage of competent employees is making a lot of owners nervous about their future. Owners think they might be held out for "ransom" style demands. Consider, however, that when... [more]

Technician Tips
2005 Ford Escape Hybrid

Escape Hybrid emergency response procedures are similar to those for a traditional gasoline powered vehicle with the exception of... [more]

Technician Tips
Disc And Drum Brake Trouble Shooting
Wagner Brake Product presents... [more]