Nov/Dec 2006

Welcome to the second electronic edition of the CIA Association newsletter. We would like to thank everyone who submitted feedback regarding the May/June 2006 edition. All comments and suggestions are helpful for us to refine our processes and to gain experience with putting together a publication such as this. Please note that normally the newsletter will be published online five times a year with no publication for July/August (or September/October this year only).

We welcome any articles that will aid in promoting professionalism throughout our industry. Articles or additional feedback can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Board of Directors
We are fortunate to have talented and vision minded individuals working very hard as... [more]

Welcome to New Members
I would like to welcome the newest members to the... [more]

Successful Marketing Strategies - How To Turn 51 Cents Into A Customer
Six months ago I decided to take a really big step and I joined a... [more]

Right to Repair Round Two
As you know, the most critically important issue facing independent repair shop owners and technicians in Canada today is... [more]

The Faster We Grow Our Association, The Faster We Can Make Changes In Our Industry
This is an exciting time to be an Independent Automotive Service Provider... [more]

Do Your Business Relationships Promote Success
There are many different roles of professionals in an automotive shop... [more]

Will You Be Putting This On Your RIFCO Account Today?
In making purchases at Sears over the past several months, I have been struck by the... [more]

Road to Success - Diagnostics For Your Business 
As I sat in my office this morning, staring at my computer, wondering why as a... [more]

Calling All Volunteers
Our Association is growing and we could use some... [more]

Name our Newsletter
Our newsletter has gone nameless long enough. We are looking for... [more]