Membership Requirements

Membership Requirements


1.  Endeavour to adopt the CIAA Code of Ethics

  • Book the next appointment tailored to your customers time schedule.
  • Perform inspections every time on every vehicle.
  • Never proceed with any maintenance or repair work without your customers authorization.
  • Never present an invoice larger than the most current estimate.
  • Advise your customers of all manufacturers recommended services.
  • Provide new warranty inspections and on line search for all manufacturers recalls.
  • Provide highly skilled diagnostic technicians & equipment to accurately solve the toughest problems.
  • Source and provide parts considering Quality, Price & Availability.
  • Provide & maintain responsible environmental practices.
  • Provide competitive warranty.

2.  Carry Garage Keepers legal liability insurance (provide Insurance Company and Policy # as indicated on part 1 of this enrolment form)

3.  Maintain a formal training system for keeping your technicians and service advisors up-to-date within the scope of your repair business.

4.  Employ service staff, who, are qualified, courteous, and efficient.

5.  Keep the external and internal appearance of your facility clean, uncluttered, and professionally organized

6.  Be dedicated to customer service excellence.

Membership Fee Process

Your initial membership sign-up fee is valid from the date listed on the front of this document until notice of termination is delivered by the CIAA or the member and is subject to terms and conditions listed, within this Agreement. During the term of membership, the fee structure may be changed at the will of the membership at an annual general meeting.

Trademark Usage

Your membership in the C.I.A.A. Program enables you to use the designated logo, which is owned by the Canadian Independent Automotive Association. You must comply with the intended use and CIAA issued guidelines such as:

Design and graphic standards: For use in advertising and on business identification materials such as stationery, invoices, business cards, yellow page ads, web sites, etc.

CIAA registration and ownership of these Marks and your use does not give you any claim to ownership of them or the resulting goodwill. You will not take any action that is contrary to this ownership or could result in the infringement, disparagement, or dilution of the CIAA name or CIAA Marks. You agree to comply with CIAA guidelines, directives, and restrictions regarding their use and display, including requests to discontinue the display, or manner of use of the CIAA marks. The CIAA marks are intended for use in identifying your business as a member of an association committed to excellence in automotive customer service.

Termination Clause

This agreement can be terminated by the CIAA Membership Review Committee or the member with 30-days written notice. Upon termination, all CIAA identification will be removed from the interior, exterior, and printed materials at the member's expense. You agree that if your membership is terminated you will not be entitled to any refund of CIAA membership fees. You likewise agree to pay any and all legal fees incurred if you fail to comply with the termination requirements as stated above.

Terms of Authorization to Debit the Account

The Member authorizes the Canadian Independent Automotive Association to debit the above account in the amount of $ 75.00 on the second day of each month for payments payable to the Association in respect of Membership in the Canadian Independent Automotive Association.

The financial institution is not required to verify that any debits drawn by the Association are in accordance with this Authorization or the agreement made between the Member and the Association.

It is acknowledged that in order to revoke this Authorization the Member must provide written notice to the Association. This Authorization may be cancelled at any time upon written notice by the Member to the Association. This Authorization applies only to a method of payment and cancellation of this Authorization does not mean that the member's contractual obligations to the Association are ended.

The Member will notify the Association promptly in writing if there is any change in the above account information.

Any delivery of this Authorization to the Company constitutes delivery by the Member to the financial institution. It is warranted by the Member that all persons whose signatures are required to sign on the account reverse side of this document have signed this Authorization. The Member acknowledges receipt of a signed copy of this Authorization.