Member Savings


CIAA Member Health Benefits




 The average shop can save


  between $1000 to $9000 per year on


  Health Benefit Premiums



      Save 50% to 65% compared to Insurance Co. plans




      You are in total control of your money




      No minimum on participation




      50 % savings on claim premiums




      Improve staff retention with 100% coverage                                                                                                                      



CIAA Member Discounts on OEM

Tool and Computers

If you are having difficulty accessing OEM diagnostic

Equipment or computers CIAA members have a deal with

AE Tools & Computers that can save you between

$250 to $500 on your average tooling purchase.

Contact the CIAA office for details.



CIAA Member Savings for Merchant Services




Have you ever wondered if you are paying too

much for transaction fees?

Your CIAA, by leveraging the experience of the

network, keeps a watchful eye on the

best value programs.

Many members are able to save $50 to $300/month

in transaction fees and service charges by taking advantage

of CIAA negotiated programs.



CIAA Member

Marketing Focus

Your company can be part of a group of focused, like minded

operations that understand the Canadian Automotive aftermarket.

If you what to share in the details with shops that are attracting

new clients and retaining the right clients one of these groups

is what you are looking for.


 CIAA Member        

 Shop Insurance  

O   One of the largest operational expenses every year is business and building insurance.

     the CIAA has sought-out an insurance group truly committed to finding the right

     premiums for your shop, at the best possible price, through risk assessment counselling,

     business contents and building replacement assessments. Expect to save money or gain security.


  CIAA Shop                          

  News Letter

   Marketing techniques, including newsletters and car care gifts for the independent automotive shop.

   Special CIAA pricing makes in easier than ever to WOW your clients and potential clients.