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It is our intent to demonstrate that our governments needs to take a more responsible role in protecting the safety of the motoring public.  The Alberta government is a key concern at this time as we try to establish a consistent, legitimate inspection process across Canada. Alberta is the only province that has no regular inspection program for private, none commercial vehicles requiring the failed vehicles will be brought up to code or off the road. Most of you see vehicles in your shop that you know would not pass a mechanical fitness/safety inspection and if these vehicles where to be brought up to standard we could all feel a little safer on our roadways. All our costumers’ need to understand that there is a standard for ownership that needs to be met to qualify their vehicle for the road.

There is very little political will to create a program that might cost votes so it is very important that the arguments for an inspection program have substance.  One of the key obstacles to legislation is that by far the largest percentage of all accidents are recorded as “driver error”.  In reality only in some instances in which an accident causes a death is the condition of the vehicle taken into consideration. This is then taken to mean that a fit vehicle would not make a difference because the driver error is the cause. Our challenge is to compile data that will represent a more realistic view of the provincial vehicle fleet’s mechanical fitness by looking at just one element of an inspection, the Tires.  This along with research from other jurisdictions will establish a base line for the value of a vehicle inspection program in promoting public safety.

 We have now developed and tested a survey form for automotive repair shops, body shops repair and tow trucks that will give us the type of information we need to study and develop a fair statement on the fitness of the vehicles on our roads.   Tires are a simple element to survey and one of the most critical areas that could cause a vehicle to loose control, so they are the corner stone of the surveys.  The definition of what would constitute a “Fail” on the Repair / Maintenance Shop Survey would mean the tires are below the industry standard or there is some other obvious condition that would require repair to classify the vehicle as safe.

CIAA Presents a Guide To Inspecting Tread Depth on Passenger and Light Truck Tires