Our Mission

The CIA Association Is An Idea Whose Time Has Come

The Independent Automotive shops in Canada have, for as many years as performance has been measured, dominated the customer satisfaction category in survey after survey, as well as being the dominant player as far as the volume of services performed. Even with chronic character assassination in the media and sound marketing strategies from OEM corporations, the independent shop has managed to hold the largest market share.

The problem is that today this market share, statistical advantage, has flipped to the other side. Much of this shift in market share has occurred as a result of the diminished status of the independent sectors shops and technicians in the minds of consumers.

Informed Shop owners across Canada have recognized that the image of the independent automotive shop needs to be drastically improved. This has all lead to a grass roots movement by independent automotive shop owners to stop the erosion of business and reputation for their segment of the automotive aftermarket.

By forming a not-for-profit association of independent shop owners and other persons interested in furthering the objectives of the association, establishing chapters across Canada, raising funds through membership fees and employing a management team they are able to have the voice that they need to drive change.

To be a voting member of the CIA Association a person must be an owner in an independent automotive repair facility with no less than one full time licensed technician. None voting members are invited to attend any meeting of the organization.

The membership fee is $75/ month (less than one hour of shop time in most markets). A group of concerned and visionary founders have signed on with a two-year membership lump-sum payment to fund the start up expense and recruitment drive in each region.

The founders are working to invite other shop owner in their market to attend a CIA Association meeting and become a member the association.