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Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Vehicle technology has changed lots over the years and one of the more recent changes in that technology is the Tire Pressure Monitoring System. TPMS systems became main stream after the Firestone ATX incidents that occurred in the US about ten years ago. Faulty tires, heat and wear, along with vehicle design caused numerous rollovers and deaths in the US.

As a result the NTSA conducted a review and one of the findings concluded that a warning to the driver about a low tire condition may have prevented the accidents. So TPMS was mandated to be installed on all vehicles built in the US or imported into the US  beginning in 2006 and 2007.

Here in Canada we are impacted as most vehicles built here and imported here have these safety systems installed at time of manufacture. There has been much discussion about the TPMS as a result. While it is not law to have a properly working TPMS system on a vehicle, disabling or causing the TPMS system to be non-functioning would open the person /business that did so to a liability if an accident was caused because of tire failure (this has happened in Canada).

So it becomes a business decision for operators and technicians, there are some shops that are compromising the TPMS on vehicles, primarily when installing winter tires and wheels. Most of the more reputable Tire centers and independents are not compromising these systems. Yes exceptions are out there, always will be.

The CIAA has studied this controversy and has had many inquiries and discussions with stake holders. The CIAA stands firmly on the side of doing the right thing, as do many of our members. The result is the attached shop policy statement below developed by the CIAA board of directors. We hope that this document provides you with some of the “verbiage” that can be used by your service advisors technicians and management. Read it, study the key components and print it to be used in discussions with potential clients and the value of this safety system.

Remember: We Stand for Something or Fall For Anything




The Tire Pressure Monitoring System installed on your vehicle is a critical safety alert system. This system monitors tire pressure and alerts the operator to a possible low tire condition. A tire that becomes low on pressure can result and has resulted in, loss of vehicle control particularly during slippery road conditions.


The Tire pressure monitoring system provides other benefits that include, saving fuel by insuring that proper pressure is maintained resulting in reduced rolling resistance of the tire, longer tire life by reducing excessive heat to cause tire to wear prematurely, reduce on hi-way breakdowns or blow outs caused by low tire pressures, this system has many advantages and benefits for your vehicle beyond safe operation.


We at <ABC AUTO> will not disconnect or make inoperable any safety system on our clients vehicles, such as the air bag system, seat belt system, collapsible shock absorbing bumpers etc. we will not cause the Tire Pressure Monitoring System to be inoperable in any way as well. That means if your vehicle is equipped with a functioning TPMS system when it’s in for service we will ensure that the system is properly operational when it leaves. That includes service to install winter tires and winter wheels. Proper air pressure and a safety system to monitor pressure are particularly important when our clients may be driving on icy winter roads.


We at <ABC Auto> believe our clients’ safety is paramount to our level of service and commitment, and the operational TPMS system is critical to our honoring that commitment.




Canadian Independent Automotive Association (CIAA) Leaps Ahead in Alberta


We are very pleased to announce that the Canadian Independent Automotive Association (CIAA) has formed its first Provincial Chapter in Alberta.

The CIA Association is a non profit organization that represents the Independent Automotive Repair Industry with membership across Canada. It is driven by the vision, heart and soul of independent shop owners and technicians that have the desire and passion to create a sustainable industry that we can take pride in.

The newly formed Alberta chapter has achieved a milestone by being granted membership in the AMVIC Society representing the Service and Repair industry for the Province of Alberta. As a member of the AMVIC society, the CIAA Alberta Chapter has also been granted the responsibility to appoint an individual to represent the Service and Repair Industry on the AMVIC Board of Directors.

Wayne Paulson owner of Kingsgate Automotive Ltd., in Edmonton, Alberta has been nominated as the President of the CIAA Alberta Chapter. Wayne is also Secretary of the AMVIC Board of Directors Executive representing the Canadian Independent Automotive Association and the Service and Repair Industry in Alberta.

Representing the CIAA Alberta Chapter on the AMVIC Society will be Nancy Suranyi. Nancy is part owner of Namao Automotive Ltd. in Namao Alberta and has many years of industry experience. She is also a past chair of the AMVIC Board of Directors.

The Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council (AMVIC) is a non profit society.

It is led by a board of directors who by appointment or nomination represent motor vehicle industry associations, the motor vehicle industry at large and the consumer. The Minister of Service Alberta has chosen AMVIC as the regulator for the motor vehicle industry in Alberta.


To run an automotive repair facility in Alberta you must be licensed under AMVIC. As an AMVIC licensed business we are obligated to follow the rules of the Fair Trading Act and the Automotive Business Regulation.

We feel that our independent repair shops in Alberta will be well represented by Wayne Paulson and Nancy Suranyi.

The CIA Association thanks every one that worked so hard in the last few months to make this Albert Chapter a reality. The AMVIC goal is an important stepping stone to future goals that can be achieved for our industry by working together.

Thank you to the many independent automotive shops in Alberta that have joined the Alberta Chapter of the CIA Association. We will continue to reach out to all of you and encourage your support for this association dedicated to support you. Joining together makes a difference and you can make a difference. I like to think of it this way, if you throw one little metal B-B at a window you probably won’t shatter the glass, but when you super glue a couple hundred of those B-B’s together into a ball, you will shatter the window……….

For more information on our CIA Association or to register on line to become a member of the Alberta branch of the CIAA visit our web site at or call our Executive Director Art Wilderman at 403-225-9578

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